Radoslav Markov

Radoslav Markov is well known across digital media community. He is first internetist in Bulgaria (since 1987). Also he is a pioneer of digital cinema, digital restauration and scientific technologies with application in media, especially audiovisual restauration. He is frequent speaker at biggest conference for TV and cinema technology IBC Amsterdam (https://show.ibc.org/speakers19/radoslav-markov), but also at ARRI Archival workshop,No Time to Wait, Photonex and many other international grade events.

Jazz Singer (1929) in holographic and immersive sound – Why not (or why yes)?

Day 2 - 11th Dec 17:45-18:10 Hall 8 #AIST Advanced

This presentation have two parts. First is possibilities of current scientific achievement with application of computer vision algorithms and ML for restoration of image of the old movies – from digitization to multidimentialisation (holographic) and from mono to immersive sound. Second part is: did we have right to this – legal, ethical, aesthetic, rights and financial problems of doing such perfect improvement of the old audiovisual heritage.