Marcin Moskała

Marcin Moskala is an experienced Android developer, teacher, and an official Jetbrains’ Kotlin training partner. He is the founder of Kt. Academy, author of the book “Android Development with Kotlin”, and an active programming community member. He is also the main author on the biggest medium publication about Kotlin and a speaker invited to many programming conferences.

Kotlin not-to-do list

Day 1 - 10th Dec 13:30-14:20 Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Advanced

Kotlin gives us a lot of possibilities, but with every power comes responsibility. What should we avoid doing in Kotlin? What are Kotlin internal contracts in terms of different features and functions? What is dangerous and should be avoided? How to code responsively?


Your first multiplatform Kotlin application

Day 1 - 10th Dec 11:40-12:30 Hall 3.2 #J2D Novice Advanced

Learn how to make your first truly multiplatform project and explore how much these capabilities can save you time and effort during everyday work. During this presentation, we will take a step-by-step approach, and by exploring what needs to be done to make more and more advanced usage possibilities, we will discover how to start and how to operate on multiplatform Kotlin projects.